/usr/local/lib/libz.so.1: no version information available (required by python) directadmin


Encountering errors while working with programming languages can be frustrating, especially when they disrupt your workflow. One error that Python users may experience is “/usr/local/lib/libz.so.1: no version information available (required by Python)” in Directadmin. This article will explore the causes behind this error and provide a step-by-step guide to resolve it using the custombuild tool.

  1. Understanding the Error:
  2. The “/usr/local/lib/libz.so.1: no version information available (required by python)” error typically occurs when the Python interpreter cannot find the required version of the zlib library. This library is essential for Python to perform various compression and decompression operations.
  3. Resolving the Error:
  4. To resolve this error, follow these steps:

Updating via Custombuild

Begin by accessing the command line interface of your Directadmin server. Navigate to the custombuild directory by executing the following command:

cd /usr/local/directadmin/custombuild

To ensure you have the latest updates, run the following commands:

./build update
./build set new_zlib yes
./build update_data

Building zlib

Next, build the zlib library by executing the following command:

./build zlib

Building libxml2

Sometimes, the error may also be caused by an outdated libxml2 library. To address this, run the following command:

./build libxml2

Rebuilding PHP

Finally, rebuild PHP to incorporate the changes made. Execute the following command:

./build php n

And your libz bug is solved

Following the steps outlined above, you can effectively resolve the “/usr/local/lib/libz.so.1: no version information available (required by python)” error in Directadmin. Updating via custombuild, building zlib, libxml2, and rebuilding PHP will ensure the required versions are available, allowing Python to function correctly. Remember to keep your development environment up to date to avoid such errors in the future and maintain a smooth workflow.