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Thunderbird is a free email application that's easy to set up and customize - and it's loaded with great features! Also it accepts both IMAP,POP3 and SSL + many other features like Filters & Labels.

Where can i download Thunderbird ? (select your language *dutch* and click on Download)
Supports Operating System: Linux, Mac OS & Windows

1. Find your e-mail settings and account.
Servername: ( e.g )
Your e-mail account: [email protected] (if you have not please set-up via Directadmin)
Your password: ****** (you have created it in Directadmin)
IMAP incoming port: 143 (Standard)
SMTP outgoing port: 587 (Standard)
Security: STARTTLS (SSL)

2. Set-up your e-mail account in Thunderbird
We go first to New Account -> Current Account -> E-mail account set-up
- click on: manual config , + check if everything is oke and same settings as step 1. ( look above.)
Fill here in your Name, E-mail ([email protected]) and password (*****)
and then click on: Continue

Click now on retest, and if you can click on Done , you can recieve and mail via Thunderbird!

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