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What is DNS ?
The Domain Name System (DNS) is a hierarchical distributed naming system for computers, services, or any resource connected to the Internet or a private network.

Why do i need DNS ?
When you visit a domain such as hostingwalk.com, your computer follows a series of steps to turn the human-readable web address into a machine-readable IP address. This happens every time you use a domain name, whether you are viewing websites, sending email or listen to Spotify.

Before you can use our DNS Manager
First you need to register a domainname our system will create automaticly standard DNS Records, but also you need

to use our Nameservers ( like  ns1.domain.com / ns2.domain.com) before DNS records are working.
You can find the DNS Managere here:   Domainnames ->  Manage Domain ->  DNS Manager

What you need to know to use DNS Manager
There are 4 different DNS fields:
Name:   Here you fill in mostly your Hostname or Sub-domain, Type @ to use your whole domain.
Type:  Here you can choose a Record Type like:  A / NS / CNAME / MX and more.
TTL:  Time To Live  for most records A/NS/CNAME the default is 0. but for MX (mail) records you can set it to 10 or 20
Target:  This is mostly the IP adress where you want to connect to.

Lets say you want to link you domain1.com to

Naam:      Type       TTL     Target
www         A            0
@            A            0

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